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Free graph pattern ✧ Tamagotchi

Free graph pattern ✧ Tamagotchi

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🌟👒🛒 make your own Tamagotchi graph designs 🖼👛🫧

This graph pattern includes all the Tamagotchi sprites from Version 3, which is arguably the cutest and most iconic version. You can use the alpha patterns for tapestry or intarsia knit or crochet. The PDF includes a link to the Stitch Fiddle graph, which allows for edits and progress tracking.

Please note: these graph designs have (obviously) not been created by me, I'm just trying to make them more available for graph knitters and crocheters. That's why this pattern is free of charge. You can find my own graph designs here.

I've included some pictures of what I've used them for in the past as inspiration, but feel free to go wiiild <3 Enjoy making!

designs courtesy of TAMAGOTCHI® (BANDAI CO., LTD)

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